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Technology Advancements in RCT Instrument Design

A vast majority of adult patients will have or have had root canal therapy (RCT) performed on one or more teeth.

Root canals, as procedure and treatment are beset with the potential for technical errors just as other common or complex procedures are.

New innovation design and engineering concepts have evolved into creating instruments that come close to eliminating most, if not all, of the treatment failures that are associated with the problems of treating canal structures that practically defy treatment.

As an example, broken root canal files, while often blamed on the dentist or specialist, is actually a function of a patient's tooth structure that will not accommodate files sufficiently due to branching, unusal narrowing or even flattening.

Watch and see how a new file concept overcomes the common problems that most often cannot be anticipated in routine root canal treatment plans.

Video material created and published by Henry Schein Dental and Endovations.

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